Information about the press officer


Joint stock company

Sarvinoz Mirzaeva

Press Secretary - Advisor to the Chairman of the Board on Information Policy
Tel.: 71 207 30 46


“Uzagroleasing” JSC

The press-service of the joint-stock company “Uzagroleasing” was established in accordance with the requirements of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 27, 2019 No. PP-4366 “ON FURTHER MEASURES TO ENSURE THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE MEDIA AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ACTIVITIES OF THE PRESS SERVICES OF STATE BODIES”

The third paragraph of the Resolution defines the following tasks of the information services of the organization.

Determine the main tasks of press services, press centers, public relations services (hereinafter referred to as press services) of state authorities, state and economic administration bodies, departments, institutions and other state and non-state organizations of republican significance (hereinafter referred to as state bodies and organizations):

regular, complete and timely provision of information to the public about the activities of state bodies and organizations through the media, social networks, official websites of state bodies and organizations, as well as other information resources, including through the organization of press conferences, briefings and media tours;

development and implementation in state bodies and organizations of measures to inform and highlight the course of the socio-political and socio-economic development of the country;

formation and promotion of a positive image of state bodies and organizations, the study of public opinion through public polls and other forms of study;

establishing effective practical cooperation with the Agency for Information and Mass Communications under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) in the implementation of the tasks assigned to it in the field of information policy;

formation of a group of experts for effective cooperation with the media, dissemination of operational information among journalists and bloggers who constantly work with press services, as well as in order to ensure the participation of the general public in the discussion of draft legal acts;

organization on a permanent basis of speeches in the media by heads of state bodies and organizations;

monitoring and analyzing the information space, promptly responding to critical and widely discussed information attacks, organizing work on the dissemination of information in the media and the Internet in the part related to the activities of the relevant state body and organization;

preparation of news, information, review and other information and analytical materials for distribution through domestic and foreign mass media together with state bodies and organizations;

study of public opinion, the position of domestic and foreign media on the activities of state bodies and organizations, the development of relevant proposals and informing the leadership of state bodies and organizations about them;

provision through authorized ministries and departments of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad, as well as diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Uzbekistan with information materials (printed materials, photo, audio, video materials, etc.) for the purpose of high-quality coverage of the activities of state bodies and organizations in foreign in mass media;

placement in the prescribed manner on the websites of state bodies and organizations of projects and approved texts of regulatory legal acts relating to their competence;

formation and updating of a database of text, photo, audio and video materials related to the activities of state bodies and organizations.