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The activities of Uzagroleasing JSC as viewed by the media

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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev identified four priority areas for the development of the metallurgical industry

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The video shown on the TV channel “Uzbekistan 24” spoke about the equipment leased by JSC “Uzagroleasing” LLC “SCT CLUSTER SHOLI”▶

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High-performance, modern combines “NEW Holland” began harvesting in Saihunabad▶

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TV channel “Uzbekistan 24” covered the activities of grain farmers in Bukhara▶

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A TV show about equipment transferred on a leasing basis was shown in Surkhandarya region ▶

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Joint-stock company “Uzagroleasing” introduces a number of new mechanisms for the purchase and delivery of equipment in order to facilitate the process of obtaining equipment for lessees ▶

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Combine harvesters were transferred to “SCT CLUSTER SHOLI” LLC in the Kyzyrik district of the Surkhandarya region on preferential leasing terms▶

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Premiere of the documentary Cancer of Conscience (Vijdon saratoni)▶

Premiere of the documentary film “Cancer of Conscience”, filmed with the support of the Agency for the Development of Civil Service under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Anti-Corruption Agency and related organizations.

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A video aimed at highlighting the relevance of ensuring cybersecurity of important information infrastructure facilities, the negative consequences that may arise due to their weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as the work carried out in the republic

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We are independent Uzbekistan▶

President: We have no other choice but to think only about the interests of our multinational people of Uzbekistan.

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No matter how many years and centuries pass, our people will never forget the noble way of life that our veterans devoted to the freedom of our Motherland and ensuring the happiness of future generations.▶

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Video prepared by employees of the Andijan regional branch of the joint-stock company “Uzagroleasing” for the challenge on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of Muhammad Yusuf, Andijan▶

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The activities of “Uzagroleasing” JSC as viewed by the media▶

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Convenience of modern agricultural machinery▶

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Telecast about the activities of the Society on the TV channel “Mahalla”▶

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Opening of the Okhangaron mahalla building (01 09 2021) ▶

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Stadium “Olot” TV channel “Uzbekistan 24” (16.06.2021) ▶

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Stadium “Olot” radio station “Yoshlar” (10.06.2021) ▶

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“Olot” Stadium, Mahalla TV channel (10.06.2021) ▶

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“Olot” Stadium special report (09.06.2021) ▶

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Opening of the “Olot” stadium in Bukhara (08.06.2021) ▶

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Activities of the Jizzakh branch (18.05.2021) ▶

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About combines (04.05.2021) ▶

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Seminar in Samarkand (02.03.2021) ▶

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Training Seminar (11-13.02.2021) ▶

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Seminar in Andijan 3 (02.02.2021) ▶

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Seminar in Andijan 2 (02.02.2021) ▶

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Seminar in Andijan (02.02.2021) ▶

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Exhibition in Navoi (30.01.2021) ▶

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Exhibition in the Republic of Karakalpakstan Reportage 24 (29.01.2021) ▶

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Exhibition in the Republic of Karakalpakstan (29 01 2021) ▶

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Exhibition in Bukhara Reportage 24 (27.01.2020) ▶

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Exhibition in Surkhandarya News 24 (23.01.2021) ▶

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Exhibition in Surkhandarya News 24 (23.01.2021) ▶

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Exhibition in Ferghana (23.01.2021) ▶

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Visit of the President to Bukhara (21.01.2021) ▶

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Surkhandarya region, Sherabat district (19.01.2021) ▶

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Seminar Kashkadarya Report 24 (16.01.2021) ▶

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Kashkadarya region, Mirishkor district (16.01.2021)▶

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Activities Namangan branch (05.01.2021) ▶

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Seminar Namangan▶

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