A political and educational hour was organized to promote the content of the state program

Today, at March 4, 2022, in the conference hall of “Uzagroleasing” JSC was held a political and educational hour aimed at promoting the New Uzbekistan Development Strategy, as well as the content of the State Program to 2022 in the Year of Human Dignity and Active Neighborhood.

The event was attended by employees of the Executive Office of the company and system enterprises from the places and through the ZOOM platform.

The event was opened by the Chairman of the Board of “Uzagroleasing” JSC Nodir Sobirovich Otajonov, who spoke about the ongoing reforms and positive changes in the country.

In order to inform on the content of the conference, the head of the department of the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Law, Professor Baratov Mirodiljon Khomudjonovich visited “Uzagroleasing” JSC.

Mirodiljon Khomudjonovich noted that during the visits to the regions in the framework of the President’s election programs in 2021, the principle of “For the dignity of humaniy” was identified as the main criterion of all reforms. In order to implement the noble idea of ​​“The state is for the people” the development strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026, which was prepared in consultation with our people and on the basis of their ideas and proposals.

The guest noted that the development strategy sets out “100 goals for human dignity” in 7 priority areas, and in achieving these goals, every citizen should work diligently and disciplined for the development of the country.

The political-educational hour was held in a high spirit and left a positive impression on every employee.

At the end of the event, the Chairman of the Board of “Uzagroleasing” JSC invited Mirodiljon Khomudjonovich to participate in the next conferences and to help the employees of the company to increase their political literacy through meaningful programs aimed at the development of the Republic.

“Uzagroleasing” JSC expresses its gratitude to Mirodiljon Khomudjonovich.

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“Uzagroleasing” JSC